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‘America’s Got Talent’: Did The Judges Already Declare The Winner?

‘America’s Got Talent’: Did The Judges Already Declare The Winner?

The auditions headed to Los Angeles this week! As the contestants keep on coming, the auditions only get better - has a success already been found?

America’s Got Talent

America’s Got Talent

Week three of the Season 9 auditions brought some of the craziest as well as actions the America’s Got Talent stage has seen yet! The judges – Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Mel B – believe they have found the winner of the season. Read on to find out what contestant they’re raving about!

‘America’s Got Talent’: Week Three Auditions Start Out Hot

The Kamikaze Fireflies professional jugglers came out hot – literally! The happy couple came out with fire torches in their hand and called out host Nick Cannon to assist. The male partner jumped onto Nick’s shoulders and let’s just say, wow – Nick is powerful! The dangerous act won within the judges. “I want more,” Howard screamed. “You understand how to work a crowd!”

Bob Markworth, 77, and Mayana, 51, pulled a nail-biting act! Mayana held balloons in her own mouth and in her hands, as Bob shot all of them with an arrow. Don’t be fooled by his age while he hit every balloon perfectly, making the crowd and judges super nervous!

The Hart Dance Team, two close friends, came out ready to perform – however, the two girls turned into a dozen! The group kept multiplying! No one saw that coming! They danced in-and-out of the box in camouflage outfits. The choreography was incredible and arranged. Way to go, girls!

Jodi Miller, a comedian, 42, also had everyone laughing! She compared men to cats and women to dogs, and her very creative mind and awesome humor took her right to the next round! We can’t wait to listen to what she has us poking fun at next.

‘Ghetto Houdini’ Takes The Stage
Guitarist and singer, Anna Clendening, 20, touched the hearts of everybody listening. She suffered the majority of her life with severe anxiety and depression disorder, and merely a few months ago, she was bed-ridden. However, Anna faced her biggest fear and performed an breathtaking piece. When she finished, Howie was up on stage ready to give her an enormous hug.

A group of shirtless men, also known as The Team, came out next and surely impressed! The fit guys danced and flipped throughout the stage. One of them even danced in a foot cast. (Are you able to say impressive?) Heidi laughed at the conclusion of the performance: “Finally, something for the ladies!”

Smoothini, 33, considers himself the Ghetto Houdini, and we’ll take it! He definitely was a crowd favorite! He shocked the judges having a dozen of card tricks and left the crowd speechless. Want to know how he ended his crazy performance? He stuck a pen up his nose and took it of his mouth!

Aaron J. Field, a guy dressed in a baby’s onesie, came out and rocked it! Don’t judge him by his costume because his vocals proved otherwise – in other words, his voice is certainly not to cry over!

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