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Intel Unveils Its High-Tech Luxury Smart Bracelet

Intel Unveils Its High-Tech Luxury Smart Bracelet

The MICA bracelet displays messages and calendar alerts. If you love jewelry, Intel has unveiled a sparkling bracelet that's also a stand-alone message display device.

Intel revealed its latest wearable device on Wednesday, a high-tech high-fashion smart bracelet. The company partnered with fashion house Opening Ceremony to create a smart bracelet called the MICA, which stands for “My Intelligent Communication Accessory.”

Sapphire glass, 1.6-inch touch-screen can display SMS messages (via bracelets Intel XMM6321 relay 3G cellular radio. It can also display the calendar notifications. Bracelet will be sold as a product of the opening. Its weight and price have not yet revealed, but it will be sold through department stores and stores opening in the December holiday season last year.

The chipmaker has been emphasizing wearables sold through other companies as mobile technology has put PCs in the shadows in the recent years.

Intel announced the collaboration with Opening Ceremony at CES 2014, where it also showed off smart earbuds that can measure a runner’s heart rate.

In August, SMS Audio announced biometric headphones based on Intel’s technology.

The MICA bracelet also follows Intel’s acquisition of health-tracking wristband maker Basis Science in March.

High-Tech Luxury Smart Bracelet

High-Tech Luxury Smart Bracelet

“This bracelet is a fruition of our efforts and we’ve been making progress in wearables for about a year now,” Intel spokeswoman Ellen Healy said, noting that the company’s New Devices Group is also working on 3D printing, drones as well as other wearables.

“We aren’t limiting ourselves to fitness or health or fashion – there’s going to be more to come from us in the coming months,” she added.

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