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‘Big Hero 6’: How To Sound Like A Disney Robot

‘Big Hero 6’: How To Sound Like A Disney Robot

The stars of Disney's 'Big Hero 6' show off their vocal preparations and talk about how they created their animated characters.

In Disney’s animated film Big Hero 6, out Nov. 7, a group of smart kids and a robot fight evil.

That meant that the actors had to voice characters who were running, jumping and fighting, which is not so easy to do while sitting in a recording studio.

At New York Comic Con, Genesis Rodriquez (Honey Lemon), Jamie Chung (Go Go Tomago), T.J. Miller (Fred), Ryan Potter (Hiro Hamada) and Scot Adsit (robot Baymax) show how they warmed up their voices for animated action, and what distinguishes a human voice from a robot one.

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