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The Best Superhero Movies Of All time

The Best Superhero Movies Of All time

Hollywood has released many superhero movies which have captivated audiences as special effects and 3-D technology has improved.

If you never dreamed of becoming a superhero when you were kid then your childhood was boring. We want an ideal inspiration in our life from time to time and we need a role model on whose foot steps we can live our life. Hollywood has released many superhero movies which have captivated audiences as special effects and 3-D technology has improved.

The very first popular superhero was obviously Superman who become a global phenomenon in the early 20th century. When the first superhero Superman was introduced (and was a big hit), every film production company tried to make a superhero film on the character. Despite the overall success of these films, clearly not every superhero movie is created equally.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

‘Days of Future Past’ was among the comic’s most poignant series and also the silver screen adaption did the original story justice. Though it deviated slightly from the original story, the movie brought many of the story arcs that felt incomplete from previous movies full circle. Bryan Singer returned to direct the film after not having directed anything from the series since X2, that netted the franchise a great final product.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is the finest superhero movie ever made. The story continues from where the previous film left off, with Batman fighting crime in the city. However as the criminals losses increase, they begin to get desperate and employ the services of the totally insane Joker. Hijinks and psychological warfare ensue. Ledger posthumously won an Academy Award for the best Supporting Actor for his performance.

Superman II

What makes a superhero movie good? The expected super abilities, an appropriately noble moniker and dashing looks, among other things. But greatness, that’s reserved for the kind of a few. Like Superman II. Having a cheekier, sexier, more urgent plot than its predecessor, the series finally gave us a worthy opponent generally Zod (Terence Stamp), a man just as powerful as Superman. As Zod invades earth, a smitten Clark Kent surrenders his powers for the lovely Lois Lane.

Superhero Movies

Superhero Movies

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Again, probably another shocker for you. This film made us believe that Andrew Garfield is really Spider-Man. After the events of the Amazing Spider-Man, Peter is still struggling with his relationship with Gwen and also the quest to find answers about his parents. Only the last 15 minutes of the movie are simply pure gold. With the death of “somebody” along with a set up of the Sinister Six, it made me nerdgasim all day long.

Iron Man

When Robert Downey Jr. wasn’t flying beside military fighter jets as Ironman, he was zinging his co-stars. It was one of the year’s best comedic performances, hidden in the superhero movie that contained the right mix of banter and kick-ass action sequences, ideal for fans who had fed up with clichéd “I’ll save you!” hero rhetoric. There were a few eye-candy babes who appeared to glance off camera at possible cue cards, but there is also Gwyneth Paltrow.

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