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Plastic Beads In Toothpaste Could Be Harming Your Health

Plastic Beads In Toothpaste Could Be Harming Your Health

Tiny plastic scrubbers in toothpaste are getting some big time attention.

We’ve all been told to brush our teeth and floss, but looking for small plastic pieces in our gums and in between our teeth has never been a suggestion, until now.

It’s almost like a plaque or tarter sitting there and it can basically start a cavity.

The plastic does not breakdown and can stay embedded in your mouth.

“Your body will see them as a foreign body, bacteria will clamp to them and it has the potential to cause gum disease, some form of gingivitis or harm to it.

“Apparently the micro-beads are there to rough up the enamel a little bit, you can wear off your enamel and once it’s gone it never comes back,”

While not all toothpastes have these plastic micro-beads, researcher have traced those tiny blue dots.

Plastic Beads Toothpaste

Plastic Beads Toothpaste

And if it’s not taken care of your gums can get red and even start to bleed. If left there long enough those beads can even damage the bone structure of the tooth. Add gingivitis or gum disease to that list and your looking at a problem much bigger than where it came from.

But there are some things you can do to protect yourself. Using a different toothpaste, and dentists recommend checking those labels to make sure polyethylene does not make it’s way in between those pearly whites.

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