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Perjeta Shows Significantly Better Results For Breast Cancer Treatment

Perjeta Shows Significantly Better Results For Breast Cancer Treatment

Scientists have found that a new drug to treatment for breast cancer has the highest success rate in prolonging life than any other drug treatment before it. But this is significant because the improvement is not just a matter of weeks.

Perjeta, from Swiss drug maker Roche, apparently, can extend the life of breast cancer patients by up to 16 months more than the control group.

This is the longest survival rate of any current treatment when used as an initial treatment for metastatic breast cancer. Furthermore, it may be the longest, if not one of the longest for the treatment of any form of cancer.

Statistics show that the majority of cancer drugs can prolong survival in patients with metastatic breast cancer but only for a few months.

If you do not already know, the term “metastatic” means that cancer started in one area but now has begun to spread to other parts of the body.

In this case, then, the cancer cells originated in the breast and have spread to another organ.

Dr. Sandra M. Swain is a doctor with the MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington. She is also the lead author of the study and she attests “We’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s really unprecedented to have this survival benefit.”

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment

Previous examinations of the drug, Perjeta (generic, pertuzumab) did show that fair survival improvement by a noticeable amount; it is just that researchers did not know what kind of extension because they had not followed its effects long enough to document it.

Well, now they know, and they can begin to investigate if and how this treatment might work with other treatments to further increase survival rate of patients with metastatic cancer diagnoses.

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