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Katy Perry Talks Turning 30 and Finding Her Voice

Katy Perry Talks Turning 30 and Finding Her Voice

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry has an apology to make.

“I have coffee breath,” the singer says as she curls on a couch. “Sorry if it bothers you!”

Lately, she has really needed the caffeine: Perry is incorporated in the midst of the U.S. leg of her Prismatic tour; running through next March, it’ll bring her to Australia and across Europe.

“It’s taking all my energy,” she says of her worldwide neon-tinged trek.

However that hard work is paying off.

Her fourth album, Prism, gave the singer her best debut yet, and also the lead single “Roar” has gone platinum six times.

“A lot of times I write these songs since i need to reinspire myself,” says Perry.

“When I was writing ‘Roar,’ I was like, ‘I need to find my voice again. I have to be heard. I need to discover that empowering thunder in my chest again.'”

Perry, now single since her on-and-off relationship with singer John Mayer led to February, is taking that new burst of confidence together with her as she enters the next thing of her life: her 30s.

“I still feel 13 inside,” she says of striking the milestone in October.

“Birthdays really are a big thing for me. We always have a themed party. It’s a good excuse that i can bring my friends together and go buck wild.”

Try not to expect her to go too crazy. Perry – who recently teamed up with Staples and DonorsChoose for that Make Roar Happen campaign, which benefits teachers – has some very practical wishes as she enters the next decade of her life.

“I just want to be able to continue to stay self-aware so that as unaffected as possible,” Perry says. “I just want to stay authentic and keep dreaming my dreams.”

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