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Katy Perry Hottest Woman of 2013

Katy Perry Hottest Woman of 2013

Katy Perry has been chosen as the ‘Sexiest Woman of 2013’ for Men’s Health magazine and the year’s just started.

Katy Perry has been named the hottest woman of 2013 just four days into the new year. But are we surprised, absolutely not! The singer bested competition from Mila Kunis to clinch top spot on a list of the 100 Hottest Women of 2013.

Perry’s career successes and her bounce back from the breakdown of her marriage to Russell Brand as factors in their decision to fete her with their top title, writing, “She took a bad breakup and turned it into the raw material of the year’s most successful album, ‘Teenage Dream.’ … Hell, her Twitter following alone is four times the population of New York City. … Nobody, including us, could get enough of Perry this year. And for that reason, she is our sexiest woman of 2013.”

That award was for 2012, and this one is for 2013 – which means Katy has a full year to enjoy knowing that she is the hottest woman around. So on those days when she wakes up with a hangover and a big spot on the end of her nose, she can think, “I’m STILL the hottest woman in the world! Mwah ha ha!”

We, on the other hand, would just have to squeeze the spot and get on with our sorry lives.

Katy Perry Hottest Woman

Katy Perry Hottest Woman

Want to know which other beauties made the top five? Of course you do. Ogle away…

2. Mila Kunis

3. Christina Hendricks

4. Jennifer Lawrence

5. Jennifer Aniston

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