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Sexiest Celebrity Makeup Looks To Try Yourself

Sexiest Celebrity Makeup Looks To Try Yourself

We bring you gorgeous celebrity make-up looks. You can try to look like your favorite actress or model.

We bring you gorgeous celebrity make-up looks. From smoky eyes to red carpet glamour, we have the perfect look for you to try in your own home. Sometimes celebrities’ makeup is so ideal and trendy that you think that you will never be like them. But everybody has their beauty secrets, and if you know them, you can try to look like your favorite actress or model.

Secret makeup tips that artists use to celebrities look beautiful. Choose not heavy smoky eyes, it makes your look lighter. If you wanna look sexy, take a red lipstick, of course, it isn’t new advice, but you can combine it with pink powder. It’s so fun how just one detail of your makeup can alter you completely and make you sexier. Here are some sexiest celebrity makeup looks.

Jessica Alba’s: Silver Metallic Smoky Eyes

The silver shadow opens them up and means they are look so much bigger. To obtain the look, define the inner rims with black liner, smudging in the corners. Then dust a gunmetal shadow across lids, blending upward, then underneath the eyes. Sweep a neutral brown, for example Burberry Beauty Sheer Eye Shadow in Midnight Brown, into the crease. Sweep metallic shadow beneath the eyes toward the outer corners, and finished with a coat of volumizing mascara.

Megan Fox: Not-so-smoky Eyes

For those intimidated by heavy smoky eyes, Megan Fox’s softer version offers the same sultry effect. Line the inner rims with black or brown liner, then smudge across the top outer corners. Use a wash of champagne over the lids and blend. Utilizing the same shadow, line the lower lashes and put a dot at the inner corners to right away brighten up eyes. Individual falsies placed in the outer corners finish the look.

Emma Watson: Red Lips And Pink Cheeks

Red lips are nothing new, but what makes Emma Watson’s look modern is pairing all of them with pink cheeks. To get the most natural, just-rolled-around-in-the-hay flush, swirl a pink blush. For a long-wearing finish, try this trick: Hold a tissue over the lips, tap loose powder over the tissue, and then peel it away. It takes away shine and helps make the colour last for hours.

Makeup Looks

Makeup Looks

Mila Kunis: Shadowy Cat Eyes

Mila Kunis’ diffused cat eyes somehow look both soft and bold, and just the right amount of slept-in. To get the look, rim within the eyes with a black pencil, smudging across the lower lash line. Then brush a neutral shadow into the crease and then dot the outer corners with liner. Using a Q-tip, drag the mark outward half-an-inch and lightly dip an angled eyeshadow brush into a soft, black shade Eye Shadow in Print and swipe on top. Blend with a fluffy brush and put on tons of mascara.

Eva Mendes: Two-Tone Green Eyes

Your friends will be green with envy when it comes to copping Eva Mendes’s style: A flash of bright liner is really a fun way to make your eyes the center of attention. After lining the very best lid in black pencil, use in Green (it’s very easy to apply) to draw a very thin line along the bottom lashes-the color looks especially gorgeous on brown or hazel eyes.

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